The BIG fight…and the equally BIG dinner that followed!

A huge fight broke out at Ginger’s Catio this evening.

The noise was horrendously deafening and thunderous. We rushed out to find Smurfy and Robin in a locked-body battle and fur was flying all over the catio.

Husband broke up the fight. He can normally do this quite easily because the Monsters are terrified of him. His very presence would be quite enough to break up a fight, but this time, he had to use a stick to frighten them.

I know, when cats are in a heat-of-the-moment fight, they can be very out of control. Hosing them down with water is what I would normally do, but for our cats, even that doesn’t work!

Anyway, he managed to break up the fight.

And we found three cats in self-imprisonment in the big cage. Lynx, Robin and Smurfy were inside. Why Lynx is also inside is anybody’s guess. Lynx is the least combative cat in Ginger’s Catio, but when any cat gets scolded, Lynx follows the culprits into self-imprisonment. I guess he’s scared. Poor Lynx.

On the other hand, Ginger, Rey and Minnie are more confident. They know they have done no wrong, so why should they worry, right?

Only the more timid cats do what Lynx does. And we don’t have many timid cats in our clans. Even if they start off being timid, in time, they gain confidence and become alphas.

Lynx, you have done no wrong. You can come out. But no, he wanted to stay in the cage. I guess it’s safer inside. Robin is sitting in a corner, crouching. He has clearly done wrong.

Oh no, Smurfy, did you injure your eye in the battle? I can only check later as both the culprits were still trembling in anger, both growling softly.

Then, a very funny thing happened…

Robin went over and huddled together with Smurfy!! This was quite comical, really. Guess Robin decided “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and here, they are BOTH so scared of hubby!

This is half of the fur I managed to sweep up. The other half has flown off with the fan.

Tabs and Riley watched from the safety of the Safehouse. Phew!

Rey is up on the highest platform. The best seat!

Ginger and Minnie are together. Can you see Minnie?

That’s Minnie!

Both fighters are settling down now.

Soon, it was dinner time.

Only Robin had settled down enough to come down to eat with the rest.

Smurfy was too scared to eat. He was still inside the cage. I thought I’d give him more time to settle down and offer him food later at night.

Robin ate FOUR big helpings! Yes, we need food to replenish all the lost energy, right?

After about fifteen minutes, Smurfy started to eat and also ended up eating about three helpings.

The two guilty ones.

Not guilty at all.

Also not guilty. This is Rey.

Robin wanted more food, but I think four helpings is quite enough for dinner.

Smurfy’s eye is okay. No injuries. Phew!!





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