Exploring Adored Beast’s pre+probiotics for Indy and our cats

I recently learnt that Adored Beast Apothecary makes very good probiotics.

So I’m still in the midst of exploring probiotics for Indy and our cats.

Here are the PDFs with details about some of their probiotic products.

I also learnt that the base of their probiotics is Love Bugs, which I’ve already bought and am trying out on our cats now.

Information from the local seller:

Love Bugs is the basic pre+ probiotic base in ALL the Adored Beast probiotics (Gut Soothe, Healthy Gut, Fido Flora). It’s the 14-strain allergen-free probiotic strains + 30 Billion CFU. So it’s just plain basic with no extras added to it.

The rest of the probiotics have extras added to the Love Bugs base to target more specific ailments.


Healthy Gut added digestive enzymes.
Digestive issues, nutrient absorption, digestion, diet transitions, malnourished or sick animals, seniors, kibble diets, pancreatitis, etc.

Gut Soothe added herbal nutraceuticals added for anti-inflammatory support and gut healing, inconsistent stools, vomiting, diarrhea, acid reflux, lung/respiratory issues, bladder infections, fights yeast, leaky gut, etc.

Fido’s Flora/Felix’s Flora added Humic Fulvic acids + 2 extra canine/feline specific strains (total 16 strains). More targeted for allergies, auto-immune diseases, tumors/cancer, removes heavy metals, restore gut lining, inhibition of pathogenic bacteria (E.coli, salmonella,).

Soil & Sea completely different branch of probiotics that’s known to be very resistant in the gut. Good for cats and dogs. Highly recommended to have in rotation of probiotics. Chlorella used as prebiotic (rich in antioxidants). Detox support, immunity support, allergies, promotes healthy skin & coat, cardiovascular health, improves cognitive function, reduces inflammation, supports gut repair & function, cancer/tumors, great for animals with SIBO or suspected (small intestines bacterial growth), ferments vitamin K.



Healthy Gut

Soil & Sea Probiotic


I cannot use Feline Gut Soothe for Indy as it contains L-Glutamine.

I tried Love Bugs on some of our cats today. Unlike Fera Organics’ Probiotics which was rejected by most of our cats when sprinkled onto their food, most of the Monsters ate food laced with Love Bugs this morning. I say “most” because Minnie kind of detected it and walked away. But I’m not exactly sure if she walked away just to give way to Smurfy when he approached her bowl. Minnie did not walk away immediately, she did lick some food before Smurfy came.

So, that’s a questionable “protest” by her. I shall try again, maybe tomorrow.

But I also only sprinkled very little of it into their food. Starting small.

As for Indy, Promax did its miracle yesterday, but today, not so much. The stools were a bit soft already.

Sigh…perhaps Indy needs me to rotate his probiotics, just as he needs me to rotate his proteins. Maybe Indy’s digestive system just “gets use” to foods/supplements too quickly and their efficacy cannot be maintained by his system. That’s just my own theory, of course.

Meanwhile, probiotic rotation is actually a recommended practice. One should not stick to a certain type of brand for too long.

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

I’m planning to rotate Indy’s probiotics already, starting tomorrow. I’ve got five types in the house for him now, ie. Promax, Fera’s, Max Pro GI, Gentle Digest, Love Bugs. Will rotate! I’m hoping this will solve his loose stool issue.

And what is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?

Probiotics are foods or supplements that contain live microorganisms intended to maintain or improve the “good” bacteria (normal microflora) in the body. Prebiotics are foods (typically high-fiber foods) that act as food for human microflora.

In short, probiotics contain bugs that are good for us, and prebiotics are the foods for the bugs!






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