Indy’s “cooperation”

Did Indy understand and read my mind?

Because this morning, he wasn’t up on the highest platform!

So I could give him his morning supplements without any problems.

Right after that, he went back up the platform and I thought I would need another risky-taking round of getting him down for his subcut.

But guess what?

He knows my timing, that subcut is done after everyone had eaten, so again, he came down from the platform for subcut!!

What a good cat, right?

I’ve noticed that usually our senior cats “know” and understand us better. But that’s normally after at least ten years. That’s when they mellow down and cooperate.

Indy decided to take back this platform in his cage. It is also impossible for me to carry him out from this platform because of the angle (please see photo below). But at least from here, I have two choices: I can poke him gently with a blunt stick to make him come down or like today, I enticed him to come down using catnip powder (it worked!).

The design of this cage makes it impossible to catch any cat that’s up on the platform unless one has elastic bendable rubber arms.





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