Tabs today

I was in shock yesterday when Tabs was diagnosed with CKD. I really had not expected it at all. So I forgot to ask the vet which stage she is at. I had assumed it would be an early stage (1 or 2?).

I managed to text the vet today. Based on the creatinine and BUN readings alone, Tabs is at Stage 3. The vet did say during the visit that once kidney readings are high, it means that 70% of the kidney functions are already gone. That is a scary. The SDMA test is supposed to detect very, very early kidney disease or the potential that it can happen and yet, Tabs’ SDMA reading was just an 8 in September.

Another shocker for me. Her readings were all normal only in September this year, which is just three months ago. Suddenly, she’s at Stage 3 now. But the vet did explain that it could be due to her being dehydrated that the readings were high.

Crea 285 (high is 136)
Urea 14.2 (high is 10.7)

But true, if we only use these readings, it is classified as Stage 3:

Hopefully after rehydrating her for two weeks, we will get a more accurate reading.

I need to take Tabs to our regular vet next week to get an ultrasound of her kidneys and check what is wrong, whether it is the usual kidney degeneration or something more serious like cancer.

Meanwhile, Tabs had her 200ml subcut fluids today without any issue.

She ate small meals too.

Taking a nap now.







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