Stem cell therapy for polycystic kidney disease

Now, why didn’t I just googled for the information? There’s plenty!

This is one:

From other internet sources:

Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease: This non-surgical approach allows surrounding healthy tissue to be preserved more effectively. With stem cell therapy being introduced into the treatment of kidney failure and renal diseases, the aim of the treatment is to greatly reduce and/or eliminate the need for dialysis.

Can stem cells help PKD?

Stem cells have the potential to better cure kidney damages and guard kidney tissues from being impaired. Stem cells therapy brings remarkable hope to several polycystic kidney disease patients who have used other forms of PKD treatment.

What is the difference between a renal cyst and a polycystic kidney disease?
(Ginger has a single renal cyst whereas Tabs has polycystic kidney disease.) 
Unlike the usually harmless simple kidney cysts that can form in the kidneys later in life, PKD cysts can change the shape of your kidneys, including making them much larger. PKD is a form of chronic kidney disease (CKD) that reduces kidney function and may lead to kidney failure.
Can kidney cysts turn into cancer?

It is possible for kidney cysts to be cancerous. However, it is rare for simple kidney cysts to be cancerous.
(This gives hope. Many websites also say that it is RARE for kidney cysts to be cancerous. Not impossible, but rare.)

There is really a wealth of information online! I’m going to read up.

Baby steps…do the liver X-Ray first. Then, we move on from there.

Hope is the thing with feathers – by Emily Dickinson
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