The Blondies’ breakfast this morning

All three of the Blondies decided to boycott breakfast this morning. They refused Coco&Joe’s and Cubgrub. Of course they were too busy zooming around playing, as usual.

I know if I let them be, later they will ask for food and if I’m too busy, I will just give them convenience kibble.

So I had some time this morning and decided to indulge them with cut-up raw chicken meat. Yes, high protein and imbalanced but it’s still real food.

Eat up, girls! We have 48 hours to figure out how to balance up this meal.

They figured out they wanted to balance it up with kibble. Oh well…that’s riding on Indy’s breakfast. Pandai!

Most kibble from reputable brands claim to provide “balanced” nutrition for the animals. But there are other factors to consider too, like the fact that kibble is highly processed, they contain carbohydrates which cats do not need and may dump excess sugar into their blood causing diabetes, they also contain additives and they are stored for a long time in the bag. Most importantly, they are dry, hence, lacking in moisture which cats need very much.

A holistic vet once advised, if we want to give kibble (but only as a snack, which she also gives her own cats once a week), buy the smallest pack and keep it in the fridge once it is opened to prevent the formation of mould or aflatoxins. Don’t buy the big packs just because it is cheaper but you will end up storing an opened bag for a long time. Our weather is humid and fungi grows very quickly.



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