To all new donors, please use Touch ‘n Go phone app or e-wallets

To all donors,

In view of the scams as described in the previous post where NGOs are victimised by greedy fraudsters until their bank accounts are suspended, we would like to advise all new donors to use the Touch ‘n Go phone app to send your donations to us or just scan the QR code on our website and donate through your e-wallet.

For existing donors who have already stored our bank account number, you may continue doing direct bank-ins if that is preferred.

Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted and we hope you understand that this decision is made for everyone’s safety.

Thank you!

If you prefer to use your phone only to donate, please do this:

Step 1: Screenshot the QR code with your phone; the image will be saved in your phone gallery.
Step 2: Go to your e-wallet app. Click SCAN as usual. Then click scan from gallery. Scan the image of the QR code in your gallery. Voila!!

It is so much easier and faster than doing a online banking transaction! And safer too.







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