Fundraising for alley cat Panna, for a double amputation – surgery tomorrow (Szetoo Yu Ming’s)


Szetoo has shared the vet’s estimated itemised costing with us. The whole procedure is estimated at RM4150.00 and this includes a minimum of a 3-day hospitalisation. He has already paid a RM2000 deposit for the clinic to proceed with the treatment.

The vet will try to stabilise Panna with aggressive dressing today, take the necessary blood tests to ensure he is fit for surgery. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.  

I was able to speak with Szetoo after he returned home and Panna was safely at the vet’s. This is the story:

Panna did come for food 2 days prior to us going to Seremban in late Dec and when I came back alone tried to look for him and found him under a car near our padang. Took Panna home and we left for Kedah on 31st Dec. My daughter took Panna to the vet which suggested euthanasia or amputation for rm900/foot. We decided to bring him home because we thought he’s still full of life and couldn’t bear to see him being put to sleep. We thought he’s dying and wanted to make him as comfortable as possible. However the gangrene got worse but his alertness didn’t, so we decided to send him for amputation at the Shah Alam govt vet, but they do not do medical procedures, so that was when we called you for guidance. 

Szetoo told me Panna even dragged himself to the grass to urinate this morning. He’s so full of life, as can be seen from his eyes in the photographs above.

We would like to thank all our readers and friends who have responded so caringly for Panna by gifting their donations and also by sharing our post with other friends so that more help can come in.

These are our donors, as of 4.12pm today, some friends have pledged a donation but have not banked in the amount yet:

Lim Kean Joo 300
Ong Khing Wee 200
Wong Chin Kuan 50
Toffee Moffee Gal 200
Joy Saga 150
Judy Chua 100
Tong Yut Fun 150
Agnes Cheong 100
Indy, Tabs & Ginger 200
Total 1450

This fundraising is specially for Panna only, so the entire sum raised will be used first, to settle the outstanding bill at the vet’s upon Panna’s discharge and the rest will be banked in to Szetoo for whatever follow-up treatment, care or food that Panna needs.

We will update all donors in due time.

Once again, thank you so very much for your quick and very kind response! You are the best!



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