Panna eats and drinks…enthusiastically too! (Szetoo Yu Ming’s)

The vet just sent two beautiful videos, or Panna eating and drinking enthusiastically!!

The vet also says that the top half of the thigh muscle and tissue are all still fine. This probably means the gangrene had not spread upwards. Luckily!!

She has she will monitor Panna for another 3 days to see his progress, especially his temperature and appetite.

Szetoo also received the same videos and he and his wife are overjoyed to see Panna eating and drinking so enthusiastically. Before the surgery, Panna was very subdued.

This reminds me of Jenny, a rescued dog we helped way back. Jenny needed a leg amputated and the senior vet told us animals don’t care about appearances, unlike humans. When there is pain, they just want that pain to go away. That’s all. True enough, after the leg was amputated, Jenny ate voraciously and before you know it, she was running around the clinic so happily…on three legs!

Szetoo is now looking at all kinds of wheels that is available on the market and also on youtube. He’s preparing for Panna’s homecoming where he starts a new chapter in his life.

Panna will face certain challenges, of course, but he will get through with lots of love and support from his family!

More updates tomorrow when Szetoo visits Panna.

We thank the vet very much for her dedication and commitment and for staying until so late to watch over Panna!




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