Panna’s surgery is underway (Szetoo Yu Ming’s)

Panna’s surgery started at about 3pm. Both the clinic and Szetoo updated me.

Szetoo says the vet explained that the surgery would take FOUR hours, with 2 hours per leg. The amputation would be done from the hip. Another hour is required for waking up from the anaesthesia.

That’s going to be a very long wait as it would only end at 8pm, so Szetoo and his wife will be going home to wait. The vet will update them once the surgery is completed.

Dear friends, please let us think of Panna and wish him well for the next five hours and after. I will update with a new blogpost once there is any news.

Meanwhile, I suddenly remembered that I have cuddled a two-legged cat before, many years ago, and this was a very feisty cat too. It was Dana and he belonged to a vet who refused to have him euthanised even though both legs and tail were crushed. The vet did four surgeries on Dana and he lived a happy life. Take a look:

Let’s all hope that Panna’s surgery will be successful and he too will lead a happy life supported by Szetoo and his family.

Stay strong, Panna. We are with you in spirit.




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