An option to sign up for recurring monthly donations!

It’s the 10th of the month today and in November last year, we started a new practice of asking if our readers would like to gift RM10 a month to us to help in our work with street animals. 

Well, we have made it even simpler for you now, because as of yesterday, our application to HitPay to engage them as a payment gateway was approved!

So to make it more convenient for you, you may, if you so choose, sign up under our recurring donations so that your chosen amount can be deducted from your credit card every month!

The buttons for the payment gateway are located on the right sidebar on this blog under our TnG QR code if you are reading from your computer screen. Can you see them?  For those who use the phone, please scroll to the bottom to search for the green buttons. 

Otherwise, here is the recurring donations button:

recurring donations

HitPay charges us 1.2% + RM1 per transaction for domestic credit cards and 3% + RM1 per transaction for international credit cards. This charge will be deducted by HitPay before the donation is transferred to us. 

For one-off donations, it makes more sense for you to donate through your e-wallet by scanning our TnG QR code since 100% of your donations will be transferred to us. TnG does not charge any commission. 

Via TnG phone app: Touch ‘n Go

Via any e-wallet: Scan the QR code below.
(If you using only one phone: Screenshot the QR code below; it will be saved in your gallery. Then, use your e-wallet app to Scan and choose Scan from Gallery.)

For those of you who are familiar with our work, we have been helping street animals for 14 years now and counting! It’s all thanks to the support and donations we have been privileged to receive from all of you throughout the years. You made it possible for all these animals to lead better, safer, healthier and happier lives! You would also know that all our work is reported on the blog and every sen spent is accounted for. All donations are channeled to the animals. Operational costs, if any, are borne totally by us.

So, if you feel that our work has helped many animals and you would like to see it being continued, do please consider paying it forward and supporting us. If you love street animals and feel they deserve to be treated with dignity and care, do please consider donating as every sen received is used for this purpose. If you know of any animal lover and you would like to honour them, do please consider donating in remembrance or dedication to them.

For our drive last month, we had four donors, can we do better this month?

Thank you!!






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