Cow Mau’s small bites

Whoa…no, no, I did not get bitten again!!


I’m talking about feeding Cow Mau small portions of food so that it is easier for him to take it up in his mouth in each bite. This is because Cow Mau has that mouth pain that nothing seems to be able to solve. The Solensia injections have given him some mild reprieve, but its effect is not significant enough. Cow Mau still paws at his mouth in the middle of a meal.

Small bite-sizes portions like this, so that he can pick up each bite more easily. Cow’s favourite food is still Coco&Joe’s, but I mix it up with some Cubgrub to balance it out. Cubgrub has a higher water content. And I use their CKD Chicken recipe which doesn’t contain bone.

And how is my wound?

I’m on the mend! A small surrounding area around the bite wound is still hard, but I think it will subside with time. I’m not covering it up anymore now.






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