A small but significant success with Samantha!!

As you know, Samantha is an untouchable cat. I cannot even touch her, let alone catch her or pill her.

So far, the only supplement I could ever give her was Vetri DMG laced in her food when her daughters had mild flu.

Samantha too was sneezing, but Vetri DMG took care of that very quickly.

Now, I’ve been trying to think of ways to put the daily probiotics and fish oil into her food. Mixing it with food has failed miserably. She would just walk away and starve. Then later, try to steal Indy’s renal kibble.

But today…..aha!!

I actually had some leftover laced food from the Monsters and I simply tried…
Shh…this food contains probiotics AND a tiny bit of fish oil.

Well, she ate but did not finish it, but the fact that she ate some and did not walk away is already a HUGE step in the right direction!!


When I tried to convert Heidi to a raw diet, she started by boycotting the whole meal entirely and refused to even come into the kitchen. It took me one month to fully convert her!!







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