Panna pooped!! (Szetoo Yu Ming’s)

Being able to poop is a heaven-sent, isn’t it?

It definitely is, not only for our animals but also for ourselves! We should actually celebrate every day where we are able to poop! Imagine if you can’t, how much suffering is that?

Well, good news…..Panna pooped this evening!! The vet texted me to share the good news!

Then we had a long discussion.

The points discussed is that it might be a good idea to take Panna for physiotherapy rehabilitation. That for later when the sutures are removed.

Meanwhile, today, the vet removed the IV-port and with it, the intravenous painkillers. Panna was a little quiet today, less active, less active compared to yesterday, breathing rate a little fast as well. He is still on oral medication, though.

The vet also thinks it would be better to let Panna remain hospitalised for a few more days (not discharging tomorrow), she wants to add another pain medication and see if he would be more comfortable after that.

If necessary, the vet will reinsert the IV-port for the intravenous pain medication and IV fluids.

If asked if any stump was left behind, the vet said no, the entirety of the leg and femur bone is removed from the hip joint, but she did leave a cushion of muscle and fat at the buttocks area.

She recommends diapers for the time being, to prevent him from lying in the urine and getting urine on the surgery sites.

So, Szetoo agreed that Panna will stay on until Sunday for a few more days’ of monitoring by the vet. The estimated bill is now RM4401.30.

I have also consulted the pet physiotherapist and it would be hard to get a set of wheels for Panna becuase there is no part of leg left to hook the wheels to. Also, the physiotherapist said that generally, cats hate wheels. I also heard the same from another vet. While dogs take to the wheels, cats don’t!

But the physiotherapist says that Panna would be able to ambulate well on the front legs. He will need diapers to prevent friction and sores. I asked how we can prevent the diapers from slipping off from the back. She says some parents put on a jump suit on the cat.

Now, these are all great ideas!

I will convey all these ideas to Szetoo.

Here’s the photo of Szetoo and Panna again, taken this evening.





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