Updates on the TVT dog from Mentakab (Chai Sheau Peng’s)

I have been constant contact with Ms Chai ever since we agreed to help with our medical and neutering aid for this TVT dog, named Xiao Hong Gou (it means Little Red Dog in Mandarin).

The latest development is that XHG is still refusing the eat and if this goes on, the chemo treatment cannot start on Tuesday as she needs to be in good health for this.

The vet has tried chicken rice, roasted chicken, canned food and even McDonald’s nuggets, but nothing works.

I asked Ms Chai to record her voice and let the vet play it for XHG:

Ms Chai is currently worried sick about XHG not eating as her health would surely deteriorate. It’s been days already, since her spaying. Not eating would mean the recovery from spaying would also be slowed down.

She has plans to take XHG back to Mentakab, nurse her back to good health before starting the chemo treatment back in Mentakab.

We have been helping her as much as we can, with whatever she needs.

So far, Ms Chai has managed to enlist the help of a friend who is willing to transport the dog back to Mentakab tomorrow, but the friend has no cage.

So we managed to source a cage for her (Joy is prepared to lend her 2ft x 3ft cage to her) but she now says her transporter friend said that a cage that size cannot be loaded into their car.

We are still in the midst of finding ways to help her sort out the cage issue.

Transport – done.
Cage or carrier – not yet.



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