Jayden’s “Gerald” and his birthday celebration!

Yesterday was Jayden’s early birthday celebration!

Amongst the many birthday presents he received was a Cat Chat book (guess who from…me, of course!) and also a Spider-Man Duplo set from his parents that came with a little orange coloured cat.

Jayden immediately said it was “Gerald” and hugged the little Duplo cat!

That’s Jayden’s “Gerald”!

He was thrilled with his toy giraffe too. That’s Geraldine the Giraffe.

And it so happened, I bought him a set of story books about a giraffe named Sophie!

He loves Peppa Pig as well (it’s all about animals for Jayden, he just loves them!), so we got him a Peppa Pig playhouse complete with all the characters and the doll’s house. Ryan had a school bus and classroom set from Peppa Pig too.

This is the Cat Chat book.

And another set about bears!

And our little hero who will turn TWO in a few days’ time!! He was so happy all day as though he knew it was his special celebration! And good Ryan did not even try to steal the limelight from his little brother!





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