Xiao Hong Gou’s fantastic appetite and the second TVT dog (Chai Sheau Peng’s)

I asked how Xiao Hong Gou is doing and Ms Chai says she’s got such a fantastic appetite now and will be fed three times a day to rebuild her health.

Even today, XHG has already eaten three big meals, most voraciously too – chicken breast and chicken liver.

Now, Ms Chai has to decide on where to send the second TVT dog. According to her, this is a friendly dog but the bleeding of the tumour is much more severe than XHG’s. Again, the Mentakab vet has no boarding facilities and Ms Chai has exhausted all her resources to find a space to temporarily house this second dog during treatment. This means, this second dog would probably have to be sent down to the Klang Valley for treatment again.

She says this second dog should not have any problem in eating anywhere (but I really don’t know, because once the environment is different, an animal could behave differently).

Now, the next problem is Chinese New Year. We have found a clinic that charges very reasonably for rescued dogs and TVT treatment but the clinic is going to close for Chinese New Year and all boarding animals have to be vacated during this period. Ms Chai foresees this dog might even need up to eight chemo jabs due to the severity of the bleeding tumour. That would certainly involve the Chinese New Year period.

This is the second dog. First things first, she needs help to catch this dog.






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