Misty, faithful best friend of Gerald

As you know, all this while Misty will not eat if Gerald is not here and vice versa. The two are the very best of friends.

For breakfast this morning, Gerald was not here again. It was only Misty.

But for the first time EVER, Misty ate! She was reluctant at first, after some time, she decided she might as well eat.

That’s right, Misty. You must take care of yourself before you take care of others. I know you are a faithful friend to Gerald, but you should not starve and miss a meal just because you want to wait for him. You hear? You can always accompany him to eat another round later, you know. Take care of yourself.

Misty: Er…I was just not hungry those other times. Why do you humans read so much into what we do? Duhh…  As though we would starve if we were hungry and there’s food right in front of us? Duhh… We are proud Felis Catus, we are not Homo Stultus! Hahaha…

About an hour later, I heard the familiar non-stop mewing, and there was Gerald at the window sill singing for his breakfast. Gerald ate and so did Misty. Yes, a second round!


An afternoon nap. The ever loyal Misty standing guard while her best friend, Gerald, takes a nap.

Misty: Duhh…there you go again, you silly human! I’m just an alert cat, that’s all. I was also sleeping until you came with your phone….





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