The Blondies’ breakfast today

Indra eats!

Samantha eats!

Akira eats!

But did you notice they are eating at totally different places?

Kai doesn’t want to eat.

After changing Coco&Joe’s to Cubgrub’s Rabbit, Kai eats! A double helping too. So, it’s all about figuring out what they want to eat for that meal. Sometimes, they totally walk away from one kind of food, but if you offer the “correct one”, they wallop 2-3 helpings! Go figure….how fussy are they?

Trying to make Indra eat another helping at a different location. Sometimes it works. Today, it failed.

But later, for sure, the whole family will show their pitiful faces at the door and ask for a snack. So rest assured, they will never starve.

Cats actually “graze” in nature. They don’t eat a lot at one go. So fair enough, I will feed them snacks when they ask for it.

Take a look at Kai yesterday….

Pampered to the core!

By the way, the Blondies LOVE these baskets from Daiso. We are going to get a few more today. They fight over them. We only have two now.






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