The scuffle at the Porch

Two days ago, and this was REALLY bad timing, Creamy was bermaharaja-lela-ing at the porch. For some reason which has never happened before, he forbade Gerald from coming back to the porch to eat.

What on earth?

But with cats, that happens, sometimes. The order of hierarchy changes.

That was really bad timing as I was rushing back and forth to the hospital to take care of Jayden. And I too was down and out for one night. So I could only leave food out with hopes the Gerald would come back when Creamy left for his home.

Yesterday, Gerald was away at the park while Creamy was in our porch for dinner. He was just too scared to even come back to eat. Gerald only came back late at night after Creamy left.

This morning, Creamy did not come, so Gerald was back with Misty to eat breakfast. I hope these two boys solve their differences and be at peace again.

Make peace, not war. Don’t be like humans!






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