Creamy’s attempt to take over the porch

For the past few days, Creamy has been preventing poor Gerald from coming back to the porch.

Yesterday evening, all three were in the porch waiting for dinner, but only Creamy and Misty were at the food station. Gerald was sitting near the front door.

I served food at the station and Creamy started eating. Misty was serba-salah, she’s loyal to Gerald and Creamy isn’t targeting her and I’m sure she was hungry too. Should she eat? She finally did, but only a small amount.

Then, I went to the front door to put a bowl in front of Gerald, but the poor boy was too scared to eat.

Gerald is terrified of Creamy.

I know that when a cats is too scared, there is nothing we can do to make them eat.

I had to remove the threat, so I shoo-ed Creamy away, but he would not budge at all.

Nothing worked.

So my next plan was to just wait and see if Creamy would go away on his own.

He did not.

A little later, I found both Creamy and Gerald in the garden and before I could do anything, Creamy launched a full-scale attack on poor Gerald. I had to quickly stop the fight by spraying water and Gerald fled to the neighbour’s roof.

Sigh…this was getting nowhere.

Soon, there was no cat in the porch anymore. Misty and Gerald still have not eaten. Creamy had probably gone home.

This is so unfair… Among the three of them, Gerald is our most senior Porch Cat. And is so mild-mannered and will never attack another cat. Gerald is a good cat.

All three of them were eating peacefully in the porch all this while. I wonder what happened while I was gone that has resulted in this new antagonism that Creamy is afflicting onto Gerald.

By night time, it rained very heavily, so no cat came back.

This morning, only Misty came from breakfast. I offered food and she only ate a small amount again. Misty won’t be able to eat comfortably without Gerald. The two are the very best of friends.

I also saw Bushy trying to come into our house compound. How fast news travels, right? Our CNRM-cat is out of commission, so other cats can come? I had to chase Bushy out. He has a home, so he shouldn’t come to ours. Our porch is for Gerald and Misty. We welcomed Creamy but look what he has done now.

I had a plan yesterday, though. I thought if all three of them turn up again, I will catch Creamy and put him inside our house so that Gerald can eat. But will it work, if Gerald knows Creamy is “still here”?

If there was no Misty, I could put Gerald inside Bunny’s Place with Samantha and the Blondies (his family) and hope Cow Mau and Indy accept him. But even if they do, will Gerald be happy being confined?

I cannot put Gerald AND Misty in Bunny’s Place because Samantha and Misty are the worst of enemies. And I don’t think Misty will be happy being confined too.

Gerald and Misty belong outside as CNRM-cats. So, my ultimatum for Creamy is: You either behave yourself if you still want to eat at our porch or you just don’t come anymore. Just stay in your own house.

A little later in the morning, I heard that all-so-familiar mewing. Gerald is back!!!!

Eat, Gerald, eat!

Gerald stayed for some time before going off again.

I hope there will be no drama this evening.





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