Babysitting Dorami and Mina

Dorami and Mina are Ming-Yi’s cats and I will be babysitting them for a few days.

They came last night and are still adjusting to the new environment. But they have a whole big bedroom to themselves along with the attached bathroom.

From last night until this morning, they spent most of the time (at least from whatever I could see when I went in to check on them) behind the toilet bowl.

Between the two, Ming-Yi says Mina is braver, Dorami is a scaredy cat and would have palpitations and heaving even when she is taken to the vet’s.

But it looks like the opposite is happening in our house.

Dorami was so brave she wasn’t even afraid of Jayden.

This is Dorami.

By evening, they still had not eaten, so I had to resort to force feeding them some baby food. They can’t tolerate canned chicken food. So it has to be tuna for them.

On the right is Riley. She wants to be a good host.

This is Mina.

I force fed Dorami first, then later, I managed to force feed Mina too. Both are small eaters. Certainly nothing like our kucing kampung!

Dorami touching noses with Riley. But Mina hissed at Riley. Looks like Mina needs more time to adjust and be comfortable in this new environment.

The two look very much alike, don’t they? This is Mina. Dorami is under the ottoman.

Dorami is Mina’s daughter, so they are daughter-and-mother.






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