Our first visitor for Chinese New Year – Creamy returns!!

This was not entirely unexpected. I was hoping Creamy would return, a better cat and no longer a bully.

Voila! He turned up this morning at our front door with Misty. Gerald was not here anymore at that time; he usually eats breakfast and goes off to gallivant a bit. So I’m not entirely sure if the aggression from Creamy has stopped – it was Creamy who bullied Gerald.

If you show remorse and apologise (in your own cat ways), you are eligible to be pardoned, Creamy.

I think he did show remorse as he didn’t dare eat the food first.

That is a remorseful face, isn’t it?

He finally ate the food!

Creamy is back!

At least dia tahu malu, kan? You are not the boss in our porch, Creamy. Gerald is and he is a good and gracious boss too.





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