Creamy returns again….Gerald is terrified

Creamy came this morning.

Out of goodwill, I offered him some food. He only came for the raw food. My guess is, he doesn’t get it from his house. Misty was here too.

But Gerald was no where to be seen. I thought Gerald hadn’t come yet. But I was wrong.

Poor Gerald was actually hiding behind the big pot. I didn’t know this.

After a few minutes, I saw Gerald running out from behind the big pot.

Poor Gerald. He is still terrified of Creamy. So after Creamy had eaten a fair amount of raw food, I told him to go home.

Gerald was so scared he was on the pillar at the end of the garden.

It was only after Creamy had left that I managed to coax Gerald down from the pillar to eat at the garbage compartment.

Misty came to give Gerald moral support.

The Monsters were all congregated at Stargate to watch the unfolding of this morning’s event and they all seemed to be saying, “Let us out and we will kau tim Creamy for you!”

I know they will and that is precisely why I cannot let them out at all. The vet isn’t open yet, I cannot take that risk.

Gerald came back much later in the morning to eat another round. He has eaten four rounds since this morning.

Poor Gerald. But at least I know he is not hungry.





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