Riley’s smart smuggle operation

We are talking about these small balls that Dorami plays with.

Dorami and Mina are staying with us for a few days, but for their safety, they are confined in the big bedroom upstairs.

Riley, the KPC, follows me up to feed Dorami and Mina for every meal.

For the past few days, I’ve been wondering how two of Dorami’s balls have come downstairs. I have not seen Riley clutching them out of the room.

Then, I figured it out.

Riley takes the ball one by one into the attached bathroom. She knows I will use the bathroom to wash all the dishes after the Dorami and Mina have eaten. Then, she knows when they are done I will open the other side of the bathroom door.

So, the balls are left in the bathroom.

From there, Riley takes the balls without anyone noticing or watching and smuggles them downstairs to play.

Today, using the same modus operandi, she took out another blue ball.

Smart, eh? That is definitely using the pre-frontal cortex.

It took me four days before I finally got Dorami and Mina to eat on their own. So, for the first three days, I force fed them. Luckily, they can be easily force fed.

Gerald and Misty came to visit them from the roof.






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