Creamy came again

Creamy came this morning and there was no peace. Earlier on, I had already heard Gerald mewing but the sound was nearby, so I didn’t expect to see Creamy. Normally when Creamy has come to the porch, Gerald would be mewing nonstop far away.

I fed Creamy and Misty barely ate.

Where was Gerald? I could hear him mewing.

He was just here, sitting on the window sill, mewing and complaining. But both he and Misty refused to eat. I knew there was nothing I could do but just to wait it out. So I went back inside and let the whole drama play out.

After a few hours, Creamy had gone and the two came back mewing for food.

Looks like that’s the norm now.

It really is too bad, because the three used to such good friends and could eat together peacefully at the feeding station. That is not to be so now ever since Creamy attacked Gerald.

Gerald is probably suffering from PTSD. But at least he did not run away; he still comes back and eats whenever Creamy isn’t around.

And this is only a three-cat colony. Imagine those where there are many cats, how many political dramas would there be in those?





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