Month: June 2024

  • Tabs’ ongoing intimidation of Riley

    Tabs continues to intimidate Riley, especially in the bedroom upstairs. She doesn’t let Riley take the spot beside my pillow. Tabs will always take this spot on my lap. I had to go look for Riley this afternoon. She was not downstairs at all. I finally found out hiding in one of the bedrooms upstairs,…

  • Creamy visits

    Creamy came this afternoon. I offered him food and he ate. Gerald was a little wary of him. But luckily, no fight broke out. After eating, Creamy went away.

  • The Monsters’ morning

    Minnie in the jungle with Robin (at the far end). Rey Rey with Smurfy on top. Lynx Ginger with Da Boss.

  • Gerald and Misty’s morning

    My loyal friends! Without Creamy and Socks, it’s all peaceful at the porch. Morning sunshine is always good!

  • The Blondies’ breakfast

    A very rare strike-lottery day today! Some persuasion was needed to make Indra eat and it has to be in this position. He won’t eat anywhere else. A fortuitous day – Akira and Kai are eating with Samantha! Except for Minnie and Samantha, our females are super difficult to feed. Oh no, Kai has finished!…

  • Thank you very much (June 2024 donors)

    To summarise the events of June, we have had a few new applicants, which is really encouraging. Some have yet to apply for our aid, but are on board with CNRM! Without the “big” medical cases, we are back to basics, focusing and priorising on neutering, which is our primary mission. This month’s Neutering Aid:…

  • Gerald and Misty at the cat tree, together!

    Look at that!! Isn’t that sweet? This is how close Misty is to Gerald (not vice versa, it’s one-sided). While Gerald got the little cat house, Misty is struggling to stay beside him on that little bit of space. Always together. It’s Misty’s choice. And you absolutely cannot separate them!

  • My personal challenge (a sharing about determination and willpower)

    This is not a sharing about medical, nutritional or exercise advice. Rather, It is a sharing about determination and willpower, traits which I believe all of us do need when doing our animal caregiving work and taking care of ourselves. It is also a sharing about my own health. And disclaimer alert first: Every body…

  • Vaccination aid for 1 cat in Batu Caves, KL (Syazwani Syarah bt Shahimi’s) & Updates

    We have provided an aid of RM25 for the 2nd vaccination of this cat, Putih. Updates on all previously-claimed cats are below.

  • Look who’s using the cat tree?!!

    It’s… …Gerald! He particularly likes to go into the little house when it rains. So instead of Misty, it’s Gerald!

  • Neutering aid for 2 dogs in Gelang Patah, Johor (Connery Ban Huat a/l Hook Chin’s)

    We have provided an aid of RM400 for the neutering of these 2 female dogs. Mr Connery is a new applicant and this is a joint effort between him and his colleague, Ms Elvira Pallera Yape. This is the first email from Ms Elvira: I’m Ms. Elvie, we would like to seek help from your…

  • Neutering aid for 3 cats in Kulim, Kedah (Norshahana bt Ahmad Shah’s) & Updates

    We have provided a full sponsorship of RM420 for the neutering of these 3 female cats. This is a joint effort between Ms Norshahana and her father, Encik Ahmad Shah bin Kamaruddin. The cats are looked after by the father at his padi fields, and Ms Norshahana will monitor their wellbeing regularly. Previously-claimed cats:

  • Tabs bullying Riley?

    Is it even possible??? Yes, it is. Poor Riley has been bullied by Tabs these days. As easy-going and friendly as she is, Tabs doesn’t seem to like her being near. So as long as Riley keeps a distance from Tabs, Tabs is okay. Did not expect Tabs to ever antagonise another cat, right?  By…

  • The unexpected Socks incursion

    There was massive war cry today!! We thought it was the Monsters attacking each other, but no…. It was Socks! He had come to the ledge and Smurfy was upfront attacking him….verbally. Gerald, as you can see, is on the other roof, trying his best to help. Gerald and the other Monsters were on ground,…

  • When Creamy came a-calling

    This happened yesterday. I was wondering why Gerald dare not come to eat his breakfast. Here’s the answer – Creamy was here. But this time, he wasn’t antagonistic. He even ate some kibble. Normally, he would demand for wet food only. Misty left her wet food and came to join Creamy for kibble. She’s a…