Vaccination claim for 1 cat in Kulai, Johor (Lee Kim Hai’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM25 for the 1st vaccination of this cat, Fat Girl.

We will also be covering the medical aid of Fat Girl later on once she is neutered.

Mdm Lee is not literate, so I have to communicate with her via voicemail. She rescued Fat Girl as a kitten with a severe medical condition (hip injury) that needed surgery at another vet in Johor Bahru. She had already spent more than RM2000 on Fat Girl’s medical needs. For her recuperation, Fat Girl was fostered by her friend (and also distant neighbour) who is a seasoned rescuer.

Whenever Mdm Lee has too many rescues to look after, she passes them over to this fosterer for caregiving and she supplies all the needs and this includes a fostering fee as well.

These are some of Fat Girl’s supplies which Mdm Lee will pass on to the fosterer. She has also bought a new cage for Fat Girl.

Previously-claimed cat: Kontot (after neutering):

According to Mdm Lee, Kontot is now doing well. But she does yearn to get out of the cage!






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