Happy 4th Birthday, Rey, Robin and Lynx!

Rey, Lynx and Robin are 4 years old today!!!

Happy Birthday, Robin!

Happy Birthday, Rey!

Happy Birthday, Lynx!

A little birthday party for everyone!

Smurfy is in his safehouse. Ever since we created two safehouses in the Catio, the Monster brothers have more space now.

I think Smurfy is just 3 months older than his brothers. That is the rate of breeding for an unneutered street cat. Minnie came with skinny little Smurfy in early April 2020, asking for help. She was jaundiced and in early pregnancy. Smurfy was just a tiny kitten at that time. Unneutered female cats can breed up to four times a year, practically nonstop. Hence, neutering is so, so important.

Minnie actually came at a time when I vowed to myself I had to stop rescuing new cats due to my age and the possibility of being unable to see them through their natural lifespan. But she came to ask for help. So I took them in, nursed her back to health, Smurfy was a strong lad. Then, she gave birth to the Monsters and I later had them rehomed (the saddest episode of my life, but I thought that was the correct thing to do).

And what do you know? I had to take them all back after 1.5 years. So they are back for good now!

And with the Blondies (including Riley), it’s two happy families with our seniors, Tabs and Ginger now. Plus Gerald and Misty. Meriah!

Minnie the mum at her favourite (albeit broken) table. They like it broken, so we don’t dare fix it.

The mini jungle is growing back!!

How did the Monster Brothers celebrate their birthday? Next post, please…






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