The Monsters’ birthday started this way….

The Monsters started their birthday bash with….a huge fight early in the morning!

It was between Robin and Smurfy. And it was fierce and very, very loud.

Luckily Smurfy has a safehouse now. This is his very own cage, but it actually belongs to Robin since Robin has claimed everything to be his and only his.

I named Smurfy “Smurfy” because when Minnie first brought him to our house, he was so, so tiny, like a little Smurf. He’s grown so big now! But as tiny as he was, we must not forget that when Heidi needed blood, Smurfy donated blood for Heidi. He was only about 7-8 months old then. Brave Smurfy!

Lately, Smurfy has been bullied by younger brother Robin, but I’m not too worried because Smurfy fights back too.

Ginger has been climbing up the cat tree with no problems at all despite his obesity, and look, he’s on top of the big cage! That’s very high up.

Meanwhile, this morning, Rey launched a heavy battle with the Blondies…

Can you find Rey in this picture? The Blondies are all up on arms!

Look at that! Rey is a very skilful climber.

Just when I thought we don’t have anymore fierce feline warriors now….it looks like a new generation of fighters is emerging…

Because of this altercation, the Blondies did not eat this morning. Well, except Samantha, the other three did not eat. They were way too excited.

And much later, they asked for food.

They may have fought like cats and cats this morning, but here they are, together, comrade-in-arms!

All is well with Gerald and Misty in the porch.

Now they are hungry!!!






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