A Kluang riverbank rescue of kittens (from Yu Bee Kian)

Ms Yu Bee Kian is one of our applicants. When she first wrote to us, she was asking for aid to neuter 30-odd more adult cats in her rented house. At that time, she had 60-odd adult cats. She had got 33 neutered with her own money, but times are bad now, and she needed aid.

When we agreed to help her get the rest of the cats neutered, we did advise her not to take in anymore cats because of her financial and space issues. She uses her late father’s rented house to keep all the cats and she pays a caretaker to clean up the cat house daily.

But recently, she was alerted to a box of kittens someone had left by the riverbank where she feeds street cats daily. Of course, we totally understand that she had to take in the kittens as they are merely babies and were not able to fend for themselves yet.

Initially, someone had told her there were six kittens, but by the time she went to check, there were only four. All four have been rescued and are at her house now. Her daughter takes care of them.


We have advised Ms Yu to please get all the adult males in the cat house neutered first, as soon as possible, because the castration surgery is much simpler than the spaying and the recuperation time is shorter too. She has been keeping the unneutered cats separated.

Ms Yu currently has 15 females and 11 males (that’s a total of 26 unneutered) adult cats to go. There are also 26 kittens around the age of 5 months and 10 more around the age of 3 months. According to her, these are all family of cats she rescued from the street.

This is precisely why it is so important to get street animals as well as pets neutered. The rate of breeding is exponential. Cats can breed up to four times a year and dogs, twice a year.

Neuter, neuter, neuter.







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