Day: July 3, 2024

  • Tabs’ daily hide-and-seek

    Tabs is also a fussy eater, but she’s not as bad as the Blondies. My issue with her is the daily hide-and-seek that I have to play in order to catch her for subcut and her morning supplements and again, for supplements in the evening. Sometimes, if I just give up, she will eventually come…

  • The Blondies!

    Another strike-lottery morning! For two mornings now, Indra has been coming to the food station to wait for her morning breakfast of raw food. This may be nothing for other cats, but it’s huge for us!! For example, the Monsters can’t wait to guzzle down their breakfast and I have to get them off the…

  • Gerald and Misty’s morning

    Here are our best friends! Gerald is a very human-friendly cat, but he still wants to be free in the outdoors. Misty just follows Gerald.