The Blondies!

Another strike-lottery morning!

For two mornings now, Indra has been coming to the food station to wait for her morning breakfast of raw food. This may be nothing for other cats, but it’s huge for us!!

For example, the Monsters can’t wait to guzzle down their breakfast and I have to get them off the table so that I can dish the food into their bowls, but the Blondies? They would rather run off to play most of the time.

So, Indra coming to wait for food is HUGE!!!!

And she eating and not sniffing and running away is also HUGE!!

Kai is a very picky cat. Look at her? Never mind what position or where, as long as she eats.

Akira is also eating.

Riley is equally hard to feed too. Half the time, I have to force feed her.

It must be a girl thing.






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