Goodbye, Misty

My greatest fear for all outdoor animals.

A car accident.

Misty was knocked down by a car from the kindergarten this morning. In my morning walk, I saw Gerald and her at the park, then inside the neighbour’s porch. The next thing I knew before completing my third round was a phonecall from my husband saying Misty had been knocked down.

I rushed back as fast as I could, but she was already gone. Gerald was there, sniffing at her lifeless body. My husband ran after the driver and made her turn back. She apologised profusely and stayed for quite long. She appeared to be very sorry.

I’m in shock and I need to mourn. But I have written an appeal to the principal of the kindergarten to please ask their parents to drive slowly and be more vigilant as this is a housing estate and there are humans, young and old and animals who walk on the road.

Tabs and Riley came to sniff too. But I worry for Gerald, he came and I let him in, but as usual, he wanted to go back out, but he was mewing in the porch.

I am completely devastated. I need to spend these last few hours with Misty before Pet Memorial arrives.






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