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Avant Pet & Ecopet Products

We wish to credit all images to Avant Pet’s and Ecopet’s official websites and the official websites of their products.

For all Avant Pet and Ecopet products, the minimum purchase is RM300 – Free delivery if along the company’s itinerary in the Klang Valley. If outside the Klang Valley, please write to enquire.

Primal Freeze-Dried for dogs and cats
(complete diet)
RM118 per 14oz pack

For dogs: Lamb, Turkey-Sardine, Chicken, Pork.

For cats: Chicken-Salmon, Turkey.

About Primal:

Primal Formulas are made with fresh, antibiotic- and steroid-free whole muscle meat, organ meat and meaty bones with no added hormones. This combination of high-quality protein provides the essential amino acids, fatty acids, active enzymes and natural-source calcium necessary to support the overall health of your pet.

Why raw (species appropriate nutrition):

By offering your pet our raw food formulas, you’re providing them with a diet that closely mimics their natural eating habits in the wild. Through the use of species appropriate, highly digestible food products, Primal Formulas offer a better way for dogs and cats to assimilate essential nutrients.

Further information:

Cindy’s Recipe Cat Food
(not tested on animals) 

Cindy’s Recipe Original
(complementary food)
RM77 per box of 24 cans 

(1a) Cindy’s Recipe Original in Broth (80g)
(complementary food)
RM77 per box of 24 cans 

Chicken based (in broth): Tender Fresh Chicken; Tender Chicken with Salmon.

Tuna based (in broth): Tuna White Meat with Chicken; Tuna White Meat with Sea Bream; Tuna White Meat with Katsuobushi; Tuna White Meat with Quail Egg.

(1b) Cindy’s Recipe Original (flakes with goat milk powder) in Broth for Kittens (70g)
(complementary food)
RM77 per box of 24 cans 

Tender Chicken Flakes for Kittens; Tuna White Meat Flakes for Kittens.

(2) Cindy’s Recipe Original (puree with goat milk) for Kittens and Special Needs Cats (70g)
(complementary food)
RM77 per box of 24 cans 

Tender Chicken with Goat Milk; Tuna White Meat with Goat Milk.

(3) Cindy’s Recipe Original with Jelly (80g)
(complementary food)
RM77 per box of 24 cans 

Chicken based (with jelly): Tender Fresh Chicken; Tender Fresh Chicken with Salmon, Tender Fresh Chicken with Scallop, Tender Fresh Chicken with Tuna.

Tuna based (with jelly): Tuna White Meat with Salmon; Tuna White Meat with Chicken; Tuna White Meat with White Fish; Tuna White Meat with Crab Surimi; Tuna White Meat with Scallop; Pacific Fresh Tuna White Meat.

More info:

Cindy’s Recipe Delicious (80g)
(complementary food, red meat in jelly)
RM46 per box of 24 cans 

Flavours (with jelly): Atlantic Tuna; Tuna with Small Fish; Tuna with Chicken; Tuna with Goat’s Milk; Tuna with Shrimp; Tuna with Salmon.  

More info:

Cindy’s Recipe Complete Pate (400g)
(complete diet)
RM99 per box of 24 cans

Cindy’s Recipe Complete Series is formulated to provide overall health and benefits for felines of all ages and breeds. As a complete and balanced meal, our wet food is made with human-grade ingredients; all specially made in Italy with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives added. Presented in a silky smooth pate, Cindy’s Recipe Complete series offers an irresistible luscious meal that only your cat deserves!

 Flavours: Turkey; Chicken; Beef; Chicken Liver; Tuna; Salmon.

More info:

Cindy’s Recipe Favourites (400g)
(complementary food, red meat in jelly)
RM99 per box of 24 cans 

Flavours (with jelly): Pacific Tuna w Mackerel; Pacific Tuna w Crab Surimi; Pacific Tuna; Pacific Tuna w Sardine; Pacific Tuna w Salmon; Pacific Tuna w Chicken; Pacific Tuna w Beef; Pacific Tuna in Goat Milk: Whole Sardine; Sardine w Chicken.

More info:

Cindy’s Recipe Favourites PLUS (400g)
(complementary diet, grain free)
RM99 per box of 24 cans

Flavours: Sardine & Mackerel; Sardine & Mackerel w Tuna; Sardine & Mackerel w Salmon; Sardine & Mackerel w Crab Meat; Sardine & Mackerel w Anchovy; Sardine & Mackerel w Tender Chicken; Sardine & Mackerel (kitten); Sardine & Mackerel w Chicken (kitten).

More info:

Cindy’s Recipe Signature (70g)
Handcrafted Real Salmon
(complete diet, grain free, carrageenan free)
RM56 per box of 12 cans

Flavours: Salmon (kitten); Salmon; Salmon w Chicken; Salmon w Turkey; Salmon w Duck; Salmon w Trout; Salmon w Tuna; Salmon w Shrimp; Salmon w Calamari; Salmon w Mussel.

More info:

Cindy’s Recipe Essential (70g)
RM28 per box of 12 pouches
(complementary food)

Flavours: Wild Tuna; Wild Tuna w Shrimp; Wild Tuna w Katsoubushi; Wild Tuna w Crab Surimi; Wild Tuna w Chicken; Wild Tuna w Shirasu; Tuna w Goat Milk Mousse (Kitten); Chicken w Goat Milk Mousse (Kitten).

Cindy’s Recipe Essential Gravy (70g)
RM28 per box of 12 pouches
(complementary food)

Flavours: Tuna in Gravy; Tuna w Shrimp in Gravy; Tuna w Shirasu in Gravy; Tuna w Katsuobushi in Gravy; Tuna w Crab in Gravy; Tuna w Chicken in Gravy; Tuna w Fiber in Gravy (Kitten); Tuna w Inulin in Gravy (Kitten).

More info:

Cindy’s Recipe Creamy (50g)
RM22 per box of 12 pouches
(complementary food)

Flavours: Chicken Creamy; Chicken w Anchovy Creamy; Chicken w White Fish Creamy; Tuna Creamy; Tuna w Anchovy Creamy; Tuna w Chicken Creamy; Tuna w Fish Roe Creamy; Tuna w Mackerel Creamy.

More info:

Cindy’s Recipe Puffz
RM28 per set of 6 packets
(60g per packet)
(complementary food)

Flavours: Digestion; Hairball; Hip & Joint; Skin & Coat; Chicken; Salmon.
Ingredients list

Cindy’s Recipe Lactose-Free Cat & Kitten Milk from Belgium (250ml)
RM60 per box of 12 bottles 

More info:

Cindy’s Recipe Naturelle Cat Kibble
(complete diet)


More info on Grainfree:
More info on Holistic:

Cindy’s Delight
(complete diet)

More info:

For full details on Cindy’s Recipe products:

Cindy&Friends’ Little Bitez
RM23 per set of 5 packets
(60g per packet)
(complementary food)

Farm: Chicken Marbled Slices; Chicken Mini Pieces; Chicken Mini Bites; Chicken Mini Strips; Chicken Mini Rolls; Chicken Sticks.
Surf: Salmon Marbled Slices; Salmon Mini Strips; Salmon Sticks; Tuna Mini Pieces; Tuna Mini Rolls; Tuna Mini Bites.
Turf: Beef Mini Pieces: Beef Mini Rolls; Beef Mini Bites; Lamb Marbled Slices; Lamb Mini Strips; Lamb Sticks.

Ingredients list

Equilibrio Cat Kibble
(complete food)

For more details:

Monge Pet Food
(not tested on animals)

Monge Natural & Delicate canned catfood 80g
(complementary food)
RM112 per box of 24 cans

13 Flavours:
Natural: Yellowfin Tuna w Salmon; Yellowfin Tuna w Chicken; Atlantic Tuna; Seafood Mixed w Chicken; Tuna & Chicken w Beef.
Delicate: Chicken w Omelette & White Bait; Chicken; Chicken w Squid.
Cat (new): Chicken w Carrot & Potatoes; Yellowfin Tuna w Surimi; Yellowfin Tuna w White Bait; Yellowfin Tuna w Sea Bream; Yellowfin Tuna.

Monge Monoprotein & Chunky Cat Pouch 85g
(complete diet)
RM66 per box of 28 pouches

Flavours: Chunky Cat Pouch Salmon (kitten); Chunky Cat Pouch Lamb (adult); Monoprotein Cat Pouch Trout (kitten); Monoprotein Cat Pouch Duck (adult); Monoprotein Cat Pouch Turkey (adult); Monoprotein Cat Pouch Chicken (sterilised); Monoprotein Cat Pouch Beef (sterilised).

Monge Cat with Fruits 80g
(complementary food)
RM112 per box of 24 cans

Flavours: Tuna & Pineapple; Tuna & Apple; Tuna & Aloe (kitten); Chicken & Pineapple; Chicken & Apple; Chicken & Aloe (kitten).

Monge Natural SuperPremium Cat Kibble
(complete diet)
(Rich in Chicken – 7 flavours)

Monge Fresh canned dogfood 100g 
(complete diet)
RM114 per box of 32 cans (100g)

Flavours (100g): Tuna; Cod; Salmon; Chicken, Turkey; Lamb; Beef; Duck; Pork; Chicken & Vege.

Monge Fruits canned dogfood 100g
(complete diet)
RM114 per box of 32 cans (100g)

Flavours: Turkey & Blueberry; Chicken & Raspberry; Lamb & Apple; Duck & Orange; Salmon & Pear; Pork & Pineapple.

Monge Fresh canned dogfood 1400g
RM161 per box of 24 cans (400g)
(complete diet)

Flavours (400g): Veal Vege (puppy); Veal (adult); Pork (adult); Chicken (adult); Turkey Vege (senior); Lamb (adult); Duck (adult).

Monoprotein Pate canned dogfood 400g
(complete diet)
RM224 per box of 24 cans

Flavours: 100% Turkey; 100% Lamb; 100% Tuna; 100% Pork.

Monge Superpremium dog canned food 95g
(complementary food)
RM91 per box of 24 cans

Flavours: Chicken with Cheese; Chicken with Ham; Chicken with Beef; Chicken with Vegetables; Tender Chicken.

Monge Grill dog canned food 100g
(complete diet)
RM67 per box of 24 cans

Flavours: Chicken & Turkey; Salmon; Cod Fish; Pork; Beef; Lamb & Vege.

For more information:

Back2Nature Pet Food

Back2Nature Grain-Free Cat Canned Food (80g)
RM65 per box of 24 cans
(complete diet)

Flavours: Wild Tuna in Gravy; Wild Tuna & Quail Egg in Gravy; Wild Tuna & Mussel in Gravy; Wild Tuna & Mackerel in Gravy; Wild Tuna & Lamb Liver in Gravy; Wild Tuna & Fish Roe in Gravy; Wild Tuna & Chicken in Gravy; Wild Tuna & Anchovy in Gravy: Wild Tuna & Inulin in Gravy (Kitten); Wild Tuna & Fiber in Gravy (Kitten); Wild Tuna & Beef Liver in Gravy; Wild Tuna & Sardine in Gravy.

Back2Nature Grain-Free Dog Canned Food 95g
RM79 per box of 24 cans
(complete diet)

Flavours: Wild Tuna + Lamb Liver; Wild Tuna + Mussel; Wild Tuna + Sole Fish; Wild Tuna + Fish Roe; Wild Tuna + Mackerel; Wild Tuna + Quail Egg; Wild Tuna + Chicken; Wild Tuna + Salmon; Wild Tuna; Wild Tuna + Lamb Heart.

Back2Nature Grain-Free Dog Canned Food 400g
RM56 per box of 6 cans
(complete diet)

Flavours: Lamb + Venison; Wildboar + Pork; Salmon + Turkey; Herring + Lamb; Game + Rabbit; Salmon + Wildboar.

Back2Nature Grain-Free Dog Kibble
(complete diet)

Flavours: Salmon, 3’s Fish, Lamb, Pork, Duck, Vegan

More info:

Nekko Pouch Natural Cat Wet Food 
(complementary food)
RM28 per box of 12 pouches (70g)

Nekko Kitten

Flavours (Kitten): Tuna Mousse; Chicken Mousse; Tuna Mousse/Goat Milk; Tuna Mousse/Salmon; Tuna Creamy; Tuna Creamy Salmon; Tuna Creamy Katsuobushi; Chicken Meat Creamy; Salmon Creamy; Tuna Gravy; Tuna Topping Salmon Gravy; Tuna Topping Chicken Gravy.

Nekko Cat

Flavours (Cat): Tuna (Cheese); Tuna (Shrimp&Scallop); Tuna (Katsuobushi); Tuna (Sasami); Tuna (Seaweed&Egg); Tuna (Shirasu); Tuna (Kanikama); Tuna; Tuna Mousse; Chicken Mousse; Tuna Mousse (Goat Milk); Tuna Mousse (Salmon); Tuna (Chicken in Gravy); Tuna (Salmon in Gravy); Tuna (Gravy); Tuna (Shrimp&Scallop Gravy); Tuna (Seabream Gravy).

Nekko Senior 7+

Flavours (Senior 7+): Senior Tuna; Senior Tuna Topping Chicken; Senior Tuna Topping Salmon; Senior Tuna Topping Katsuobushi.

Alps Natural Dog Food

Alps Pureness Kibble
(complete diet)

Flavours : Salmon, Lamb, Turkey, Pork
Salmon small bites – for puppies and pregnant dogs


Alps Nourish
(complete diet)

Flavours: Lamb; Salmon


Alps dog canned food
(complete diet)

Alps Pureness (pate)
RM118 for 24 cans (400g)

Flavours : Lamb, Salmon, Pork, Turkey, Beef.

Alps Chunky
RM99 for 24 cans (415g)
RM122 for 12 cans (1230g)

Flavours: Salmon, Lamb, Pork, Turkey, Beef

More information:

Vital Plus Premium Pet Food
(for dogs and cats)
Affordable premium range
(complete diet)

More information:

Wanpy Dog canned food
RM91 for 24 cans (375g)

Flavours: Chicken & Vegetables; Lamb; Codfish; Salmon; Pork; Turkey.

More information:

CIAO Pet Food

Ciao Cat treats
(complementary food)

Churu 14g
4 types of packages (4’s x 6, 20’s, 40’s, 50’s)

Churu 4’s (sold in packs of 6, ie 24 sticks) RM45: Tuna (Maguro), Tuna (Katsuo), Sasami (Chicken), White Meat Tuna & Scallop, Chicken Fillet & Squid, White Meat Tuna with Fibre, Stick Tuna, Stick Skipjack, Stick Chicken, Grilled Skipjack Dried Bonito, Grilled Skipjack Scallop, Grilled Skipjack Crab, Tuna with Collagen (for 11 years).

Churu 20’s (1 unit – 20 sticks) RM29: Tuna for kitten, Tuna, Chicken Seafood, Tuna Scallop, Tuna Bonito, Tuna Broth, Tuna Scallop, Chicken Bonito.

Churu 40’s (1 unit – 40 sticks) RM52:
Tuna Variety 132 (Tuna Maguro (10), Tuna Katsuo (10), Tuna Scallop (10), Tuna Bonito (10)),
Tuna Variety 131 (Tuna Fiber (10), Tuna Scallop Flavour (10), Tuna (10), Tuna Scallop (10)),
Chicken Variety 133 (Sasami (10), Chicken Squid (10), Chicken Scallop (10), Chicken Seafood (10)).

Churu 50’s (1 unit – 50 sticks) RM64: Tuna Variety, Chicken Variety, Seafood Variety (as above).

For further information:

Vegepet Pet Food
(vegetarian pet food for dogs only)


For more information:

Cat Litter

Cindy&Friends’ Tofu Litter (1.5mm) 7L (RM23)

Flavours (tofu litter): Original, Green Tea, Strawberry, Charcoal, Baby Powder, Lavender. Lemon, White Tea.

Cindy&Friends Crystal Cat Litter 5L (RM23)

Flavours (crystal): Apple, Lavender, Citrus.

Cindy&Friends Kitty Litter (natural clumping clay) 10L (RM24)

Flavours (natural clumping clay): Apple, Lemon, Citrus, Coffee, Green Tea, Lavender.

Cindy’s Recipe Silica Litter 10L (RM29)

Flavours (Silica): Apple, Lavender, Lemon, Rose, Cherry Blossom, Mocha, Green Tea, Peach.

Cindy’s Recipe Tofu Beads Cat Litter 7L (RM24)

Flavours: Charcoal; Coffee; Green Tea; Peach.

Cindy’s Recipe Tofu Cat Litter (3.0mm) 7L (RM22)

Flavours: Apple; Citrus; Mint; Sakura.

Cindy&Friends’ Zym-It 500g (RM21)
Bio-Enzyme Odour Eliminator for Litter Boxes


Flavours: Original; Green Tea

Kit Cat Soya Cat Litter 7L (RM23)
Eco-friendly, biodegradable, flushable

Flavours: Original, Charcoal, Strawberry, Green Tea, Peach, Coffee, Lavendar, Confetti.
Please watch this:

Pet Hygiene Products

Cindy&Friends Pet Hygiene Products

Cindy&Friends Hygienic & Grooming Products

We thank Avant Pet & Ecopet very much for all of the above products offered to us for fundraising and also for providing free delivery to the Klang Valley.

Homesewn Products

Dr Chan and her mother have been raising funds for AnimalCare through their various homesewn items for many years now. At present, we have taken a break from sewing.


Made with lots of love!



mini-PicMonkey Collage

Under very stringent “quality control” by feline supervisors!

Applique bags (no more stock)

Patchwork blankets (made to order)

Owl soft toys


Made in many happy moments too!