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Dr Chan Kah Yein
Founder-President-TagTeam Member

Dr Chan Kah Yein holds a Ph.D in Mathematics Education. She is not a veterinarian but has a passion to help animals. Throughout her childhood, Kah Yein grew up with dogs, rabbits, chicks, ducklings and geese as pets, but never cats until she chanced upon a litter of newborn kittens abandoned by the roadside after the rain on Mother’s Day in 2006. That turned out to be her first rescue. More rescues followed and three years later on 31st May 2009, she founded AnimalCare, a charitable organisation that offers aid to feeders of street animals. Kah Yein believes that education by example is the key to inculcating kindness to animals. She hopes that one day, humans and animals will live harmoniously on this planet. To date, she has written eight books and some of her public talks are produced on audio CDs, all for free distribution. Having retired after 34 years of teaching, she continues to run AnimalCare with the hope of helping as many street animals and their caregivers as possible.

Kah Yein can be contacted at chankahyein@gmail.com

Ms Joy Elia anak Saga
TagTeam Member

Ms Joy Elia anak Saga has more than 20 years corporate and consultancy experience in Human Resource Management, and Learning & Development.  Presently (April 2023)  she is working as Human Resources Manager in a local company.  She grew up with animals, cats and dogs predominantly. But there were also chickens, ducks, rabbits, fresh-water turtles and fishes as her family loved animals.  She believes that the world we live in, is a borrowed one.  We are passers-by and live to pass this world on to the future generations; a steward to care for all who lives and breathes within it, leaving behind a legacy of love, kindness and compassion, a world where humans and animals can live with those same values. When that happens, we know, that we have found our purpose.

Ms Tong Yut Fun
TagTeam Member

Ms Josephine Tong Yut Fun (also known as JoTong) started feeding street dogs in the Balakong factory area where she worked when the MCO (Movement Control Order) started in March 2020. It was then that she saw dogs rummaging for food on the street as the area had suddenly turned into a ghost town due to the lockdown when no one was not allowed to work and there was literally nothing to eat at all. She then actively participated in CNRM work with Uncle Wong Woi Kan in mid 2021. Other than CNRM work, Yut Fun also rescues a lot of injured street dogs for medical treatment. She believes the street population can and needs to be controlled through neutering. Together with Uncle Wong, they have got more than 167 street dogs neutered to-date (April 2023) and the there is no stopping them. She believes that the mindset of people who think that street animals can just be left alone to fend for themselves needs to be changed and this change plays a vital role in controlling the street population in Malaysia.


AnimalCare Society Executive Committee Members

President: Dr Chan Kah Yein
Vice-President: Ms Lau Chao Ching
Secretary: Mr Aaron Lee Jen Wai
Treasurer: Capt Khoo Jia-Wen
Exco Member: Mr Poh Wee Fah (Asst Secretary)
Exco Member: Mr Wong Mun Yee (Asst Treasurer)
Exco Member: Mr Tan Chin Aik
Auditor: Mr Chew Jin Toh
Auditor: Mr Szetoo Yu Ming


And the inspiration behind AnimalCare are
Bobby, Cow Mau, Bunny and Pole!