Blessings from all of you – thank you!

It is now 6.40pm, and since this morning, I have been pleasantly (and gratefully) surprised by the number of emails I have received ever since I sent an appeal for food donation for the Ketam dogs whom we are sending to Bentong this Saturday. Thank you very much for your generosity and concern.
I would like to acknowledge today’s donors with grateful thanks:
Lee Sik Fong
Tan Lay Khim
An Anonymous Donor
Chow LaiKwan
Shirley Ko Swit Lee
Khoo Ming-Yi
Jurin Goh (will let you know when the transaction comes through)

I managed to get a better price for the food today – RM96 per pack! Well, RM4 is STILL a big savings. Every ringgit saved counts. At present, I am still negotiating for a better deal, if possible.

We bought a pack of this vege dog food and sent it down to SPCA today so that the dogs can get used to this new food (which is going to be their “food for life” as long as we have funds to keep buying it for them when they are in Bentong).

We also enquired if it would be possible for SPCA to send a vet to Bentong every few months to check on the wellbeing of the dogs. It seems MissionHELP provides this service, so that’s arranged for now – we’ll have a vet every few months in Bentong.
Looks like we’re all set for Saturday’s big move!
Thank you once again, for your generosity and kindness.
“The love for all living creatures is the noblest attribute of man.”~Charles Darwin
P.S. The photo above shows the 4th and 5th batch of newly rescued dogs from Pulau Tengah. One is just a little puppy and she was also dumped. Poor little thing.





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