LLLF updates (from Bentong)

Right now, as I am writing this, our volunteer, Chinkah has just sent the first 10 packs of vege food to Bentong. Take a look at the photo – the LLLF dogs (who have been on rice and eggs) seem to be enjoying the food very much.

Over at SPCA, Shahrul tells me the Ketam (Bentong-bound) dogs have been meticulously picking out the vege kibbles, and just eating the rice! Remember we bought a packet to “initiate” them into it before the trip? Choosy, choosy….

But Shahrul says if the kibbles is cooked with the rice (and the aroma is apparent), they will probably eat it.

Well, they would have to. It seems only Buddy is eating the vege kibbles now, while the rest have turned up their noses! Good old Buddy boy!

They’ll learn…especially when they see their 25 new friends enjoying it!

Over in Bentong now, Bro Sui has decided that he will partition the “groundfloor” to house the dogs. It’s much cooler, he says.

He knows best. AnimalCare will sponsor the cement. No time to lose, we have to do it now.

Meanwhile, another piece of good news is that Rolie (the dedicated SPCA volunteer who has been handling and taking care of the Ketam dogs thus far) will be coming up with us to Bentong to help in the rehoming.

Like it or not, I’ll have to drive the bigger car tomorrow… My little Kelisa will stay home.

Wish us a safe trip for tomorrow, folks!





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