Whoosh….and they are adopted!!

I put up this posting some time ago: http://animalcare.my/2009/10/five-kittens-up-for-adoption.html

Today, a lady by the name of Jacqueline Sibert called me at 5.30pm, and asked for Tiger.  Tiger has been booked, so I directed her to our other latest kittens. 

That was just maybe 5 hours ago, and I just received news from Wai Meng that Marmalade and Jacko have been adopted by Jacqueline!

That was fast!  Thank you, Jacqueline, for giving Marmalade and Jacko a good home. 
P.S.  (next day info)  I’ve misunderstood Wai Meng’s email.  It wasn’t Jacqueline who adopted Marmalade and Jacko but someone else.  Anyway, to whoever it is – thank you for giving them a good home!  Right now, Jacqueline should be at Terry’s house viewing the kittens he is fostering!  Keep your fingers crossed, folks….





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