A “healthier” perspective

My Fifth Form teacher, Mrs Wong Yew Choong, keeps a keen eye on what I do over the Net – she is my guardian angel.  She even follows the blog while holidaying overseas!

And the wonderful thing about Mrs Wong is that she knows exactly what to say at the right time, or in this case, what to send to me through the email when she wants to cheer me on. 

This evening, Mrs Wong sent me this short article entitled “A New Perspective”, which is really relevant to us doing animal charity, or any charity, for that matter. 

Let me cut and paste the important parts:

In response to the challenges life brings us, it’s easy to sometimes view the world from a perspective of survival. From this perspective we often examine situations and ask ourselves, “What can I get from this? What can I take? What can I gain?”. This perspective is illustrated by the following picture:

One of the most powerful secrets for achieving success is to change this perspective and instead, examine the world from a perspective of contribution. Change the questions you ask yourself and instead of asking, “What can I get? What can I take? What can I gain?” ask, “What can I give? What can I share? What can I contribute?”

I find this very relevant in charity work, be it for humans or animals. 
Those who do charity are always there to give, but then again, are we “giving” unconditionally, or do we give with the hope of getting something in return?  Here lies the real test – what is our intention of giving? 
Is it a 100% External Focus, or is there some Internal Focus as well? 
Only we will know.  It does not matter what others think of us.  As long as our “giving” is done very sincerely and wholeheartedly, without expectations of anything in return, that is true charity.
So, as a new day dawns tomorrow, let us all GIVE from the heart, wholly and unconditionally. 
Focus externally! 
Have a great morning, and a wonderful weekend. 
Spare a thought for the stray animals, and promote CNRM! 





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