Thank you for your good wishes and help

I’d like to thank all well-wishers for their support and kind words.  It helps to know that there are all of you out there rooting for us, and doing your best to help us even though you could not be physically present to help us with the rescue work.

To Alicia Horsley, thank you for giving me the contact of a vege petfood supplier.  We have spoken, and he will arrange for a discount for us, plus an incentive package to encourage the public to buy food for the rescued dogs.  I am still waiting for his proposal. 

Also to Alicia, thank you for offering to provide transport for the dogs when SPCA suggested that the dogs be brought back to their Klinik Kembiri for neutering.  But I told them it would be far too stressful for the dogs to travel again.  Each journey is about two hours – they vomit on the trip, and they are terribly anxious and stressed. There is also no place for boarding and recuperation at Klinik Kembiri, which means the dogs would have to be brought back to Bentong on the same day.  The travelling would be very detrimental to their wellbeing.  Hence, the spay-neuter would have to be done over several trips in Bentong to spare the dogs the stress of travel.  After some discussion, SPCA will make arrangements to start their neutering campaign in January.

Meanwhile, since I’ve already made prior arrangements with our vet, our spaying (of the females) will commence in December, as soon as possible.  We need funds for this. 

So, thank you, to everyone who has helped in whatever ways you can, big or small.  It’s the thought that counts.

We are very thankful. 

P.S. And sorry I have to say this, but to those who are criticising from their armchairs (they write me private emails), please do the rescue work yourself before you criticise. 





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