Urgent help required

Urgently needed – a fosterer for a small-sized female dog (alsatian mix) with distemper.  Ideally, the fosterer must not have any other dog (but fully-vaccinated dogs are protected from distemper).  Medication will be provided.  We just need your tender loving care to feed the medicine and look after the dog.  If you can help, please text me at 012-6935870.     

I know distemper sounds so frightening and is known to be deadly to dogs, but MDDB is providing us with the full package of medication that has recently worked wonders on their own dogs down with distemper.  Out of fourteen, ten survived (it’s the work of the medicine and tender loving care).
This poor little dog deserves a fighting chance and all we need is a home with an empty bathroom.  We need someone who will faithfully and religiously give her the medication (it’s pumping her with immune boosters and vitamins to let her body fight off the virus).  
The dog above is very friendly and easy to handle. 
Please help.  Let’s give her a fighting chance.  





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