Visiting Sean and Tara

It’s been almost two weeks I last visited Sean and Tara because I have been running around nonstop with our own rescued and sick animals. 

I was giving a talk in my mum’s neighbourhood today, so I managed to drop in after the talk. 

Sean and Tara were so excited when I arrived.
I am completely amazed at Tara’s recovery.  Her eyes are so bright now, and she really looks much younger than before!  Mum says she has just two more days of medication.  And ever since returning from hospital, her appetite has been as good as Sean’s.  Sean has been off medication for a few weeks now, and mum gives him Crystal Enzyme to boost his immune system. 
Sean and Tara are clearly very happy dogs. 
They are completely devoted to mum, and they listen to her too.
Mum says both play together very well, and Sean even uses Tara as a hurdle. 
The two clamber for attention.  If mum were to pat Sean, Tara would immediate ask to be patted too.  She’s quite possessive.
That’s Tara clambering for attention and affection.  She really looks so much more youthful now.  This is such a big improvement from the time she fell really ill from distemper.
We’re putting some ointment on Sean’s bite sores.  He is so, so incredibly strong.
A complete baby.
This is the difference that love and affection can do to any animal.  Sean and Tara both had distemper.  We got them treated and mum agreed to adopt Tara because she felt a bond with her.  Then, Tara deteriorated to the point of not eating and looked very weak.  We sent Tara in for treatment and boarding and I asked mum if she could temporarily foster Sean while waiting for Tara.
Mum agreed and took in Sean.  The moment I brought Sean over, mum said he could stay provided he behaved himself.  After a week or so, Tara came back.
Tara is definitely staying with my mum.  Sean can stay as well, but if there is a good and loving home, Sean can be adopted.  A few people have asked for Sean.  In fact, they have asked for Tara too.  But mum felt they might not be able to look after Sean, so she has not been able to find a suitable home for him yet.
If you are interested in giving Sean a loving home, please contact me. 
Please note that Sean is a distemper survivor.  We cannot guarantee if the disease might flare up many years down the road (old dog distemper can happen).  But for now, he is very fit and healthy.  And most importantly, he is a very happy and playful dog.  He must be just a puppy because he still squats to urinate.  But he is growing by leaps and bounds.  We will get Sean neutered as soon as the vet thinks it is safe to do so. 





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