A sharing on the ACV treatment

Vivienne Chew wrote to me, to share how ACV worked on her dog, Bear :

BEAR has been suffering from itchy, dry and irritated skin all the time ..is sad to see my dog non-stop scratching and licking his body most of the time!!
The vet i consulted also could not confirmed what kind of eczema it is..DR only give him a medication and injection,i really don’t want my dog to take this drugs if possible…so i began to seach for some useful article online,than i see this~which say ACV may help to reduced doggie skin allergies problems,such as itching and rashes..
FYI..i used to mix 1 part of ACV with 2 part plain water to wipe the affected area with a facial cotton pad..twice a day..is always better to follow up with a olive oil or a baby lotion to soothing and calming the affected area.
Also..i only feed my bear a fish(SALMON) kibbles..brand such as..ORIJEN.ADDICTION.
I have been using ACV for about 2 months and i really see much improvement….he is a happy dog now ^^

Here are some photos from Vivienne:

I’m glad to know ACV worked for Bear.  His skin has definitely improved.
Thanks for the sharing, Vivienne. 





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