A female cat spayed

Elli is a cat-lover, and has been keeping an eye on two cats near her apartment.  She called me last week asking for help in getting the cats spayed.  One is a mother-cat who has just given birth.  Another is a young female cat, estimated to be about 5 months old. 

Today, Elli brought the young female cat to our panel vet for spaying under our sponsorship.  We will only do the mother-cat after she is done breast-feeding her new kittens.

This is the 5 month-old cat. 
Elli will take the cat home this evening and look after her until her wounds have healed before releasing her back into the neighbourhood.
Like Elli, if you are able to look after the stray animals around your house or apartment and if you can bring them to our panel vet, we’ll be happy to fund the spaying-neutering for your animals.  Please contact us if you need help. 
You don’t have to be a big-time rescuer to do significant things with great love.  Every small act of love and generosity makes a big difference to the lives of these animals.  





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