Ringo finds a loving home

Here’s another lovely story from Julie Pek:

Ringo – the lucky dog who has just found a home with vast land.
Thanks to the myanimalcare blog.

My heart is so thankful and it spurs me to say that myanimalcare is a “cyber blazer”.  It impacts and touches the hearts of people when they read and see how much care and love each one can do for the animals in the stories contained in this blog.

I was at my friend’s, (Ms Jade) house to use her internet as my pc got problem. I took the opportunity to show her the website on myanimalcare. We ran through the nice and true stories, the purpose, the mission and the animal welfare work.

Somehow I believe that the blog had strung the cords of love in Ms Jade’s heart.  Now she allows Ringo my rescued dog to stay in her house.

For four years, Ringo had stayed in the vast fields and will go deep into the jungle where I put a cage for him. Lately the thunder and rain caused the trees to be uprooted and lots of ants and mosquitoes and Ringo does not like to go in at all to the mini santuary.

Ringo is a special dog whom I have been feeding for four years and though re-homed twice to big land with bungalow and a kind elderly couple, he did not want to eat for two weeks and we had to bring him back to the fields.
Now Ringo has Ms Jade’s place to stay and also can choose to run in the big vast fields. Ms Jade’s house is adjacent to the big fields.

Picture shows Ringo and Jimmy in Ms Jade’s house. Jimmy’s adopter also stays nearby.

Special thanks to Ms Jade Cheah and Jade’s aunt for sponsoring Ringo’s food these years. May God bless you all back your kindness and goodness,

Grace abounds in you.

A big Thank You to you, Kah Yein, for myanimalcare. May all of us experience open Heaven with all our furkids that come across our path.

Let’s continue to work together for the animals.

Julie Pek

Have a great life, Ringo and Jimmy!





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