A wonderful carnival at SS19/1

We starting setting up our booth at 7am this morning.  The moment I arrived, the children and residents of the neighbourhood were right there to offer to carry all our stuff from my car.  The committee members of the SS19/1 Residents’ Association were very helpful too.  One cannot help but feel the warm hospitality and friendly welcome extended by everyone who was there.  

“This is going to be a good day”, I thought to myself.  

Soon, CP arrived, followed by Mary and Amy.  

 Here we are, all ready to go!

Since it was early, the crowd had not come in yet.  Also, the Walk for Health had just begun and most of the residents were participating in it.  

Walking their way to greater health! 

The Police’s booth was right opposite us, and this officer was very interested in what we do. He said he had never heard of any organisation doing free spay-neuter, and but he lived a bit too far, ie. Kuala Lumpur. I said he could do it at Klinik Kembiri and we’ll still reimbursed him for the cost.

 The crowd was very interested in what we had to offer.  

 The food stalls were located on the other side of the road, and most people thronged there, obviously!  But many came over to our exhibition booths too.

 Busy, busy….

 Our tshirts sold very well.  Here’s Mary handling the tshirts and telling people all about our work.

 Of course, as always, the most encouraging is to see young faces reading about what we do.

A few people had come by to meet me; they had already read one or two of my books and they already knew about what we do.  They came to offer moral support and their very kind words.  That was really, really nice.

 Amy, at her best….with the tshirts.

 More young people.

This uncle brought his grandchildren and explained what we do using our storyboard.  The children took some of the books too.  He was very kind and told us that there is this lady from Subang Jaya who gives talks at the temple about kindness to animals and has an organisation very similar to ours.  That lady he was referring to turned out to be me!  I told the uncle I live on his road, just a few doors away, and have been living here for 23 years now!  I guess I get top marks for keeping a very low profile!  

I recognised many of the walkers and joggers, too.  “Oh, you’re the one with the green Kelisa?”, they’d ask.  Well, looks like my car preceeds me….!!

 CP did a marvellous job explaining what we do to many visitors.  

  The little boy dragged his father all the way from the food section to our booth…just to get a tshirt!

Peggy Quah came all the way from Klang to see us too, and to get some tshirts for her friends and family. We all had a nice time listening to her stories about her cats and how her husband helps her look after them with so much love and care. Peggy is taking care of 21 stray cats (we’ve helped spay-neuter 7 of them now) plus her own adoptees, one whom is invalid.  Kudos to her!  She brought photos of her cats.  Each one has a story….and all of them really touches your heart.   

We met many visitors who are very sympathetic towards animals, and many were very interested to use our services for the free spay-neuter.  It looks like we will have more requests after this, and this is a good thing. 

Mr Rajiv Rishyarkaran, a counsellor of the MPSJ who is supportive of what we do, came to our booth with some of the VIPs.  They were all very interested to hear about what we do.  

Khadijah Yeong and her Chi Dynamics friends came over as well.  Many of them love cats.  En Mohd Noh Samik and Mr Yeong, a committee member came over earlier too.  Everyone was so warm and friendly.  

In a nutshell, a true 1-Malaysia feeling permeated the atmosphere at today’s event and that really felt good!

We packed up at 1.30pm, after a very fruitful day.  Honestly, we had not expected such a successful day, so that was indeed a bonus!  My husband was on hand to supply us with food and drinks to keep us going the whole day.  We didn’t have time to even visit the food stalls; we were busy doing our “job”!

We’ll like to extend our deepest appreciation to the committee of the SS19/1 Residents’ Association for offering us this opportunity to promote the awareness of how we can help the stray animals in our community.  Special thanks go to Khadijah and En Mohd Noh to arranging this free booth for us (by the way, both of them love cats and have spayed-neutered all the cats under their care). Not forgetting too, Mr Suresh, the emcee, for reminding all visitors to visit our booth (as most people were attracted to the food and music!).   

Thank you to everyone who had visited our booth, bought our tshirts, taken home our books and brochures and particularly those who said they will be sending stray cats for spay-neuter soon!  We certainly look forward to hearing from you.  

I believe AnimalCare has made many new friends today.  

P.S.  From the stock-check, we sold 44 tshirts.  Thank you so much for your support!





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