Mulan, the tortie, officially adopted!!

This evening, Mulan and Penny are going to be adopted.

Here’s Mulan’s adoption (from Nandhini):

Mulan has been adopted by Afzan and his wife Nisha frm Sek13 Shah Alam. They are newly married and she is currently not working..

Therefore Mulan will have a full time friend!

When I took Nisha to meet Mulan and Penny, the first thing she said was ‘ oh my god she is so cute’,

That made me so happy that all I asked next, do you want to take her home today. And she said yes. They have also gone shopping to buy Mulan food and all other items.

Thank you so much for adopting Mulan, Afzan and Nisha!

Have a great life, Mulan! You’ll always be a super tough cookie!





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