Jacinta and Kelly thank all donors

Jacinta and Kelly (from Ipoh) would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to all donors who have responded to their appeal for funds when I publicised it on the blog:

They have provided me with this list:

1. Bobby and his feline friends                  
2. Ms Sai Mei                          
3. Ms Doreen Leong                
4. Mr Daniel Kwok                    
5. Mr Lim Kean Joo                  
6. Mr Rain Low                         
7. Ms Julia Chong  
8. Mr Chong (thru Ms Wong Lee Hoon)      
9. Ms Tracy Yuen               
10 Dr Veeranoot Nissapatorn 
11. Ms Goh Chin Chay  
And some anonymous donors

To all donors (including those whose names are not on the list) – thank you for helping Jacinta and Kelly’s 100 dogs. 

May all beings be well and happy.

A note of thanks from Jacinta:

Yes, Dr Chan, please convey our appreciation and gratitude to all. I have tried my best to thank them personally by replying to the emails that you kindly forwarded to me. Especially Kelly and i would like to thank Ms Lee Chew Keang and you, Dr Chan, for your enthusiasm, kindness and thoughtfulness, because if not for both of you, Kelly and I and our doggies would not have been so blessed today!





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