Do we need crocodiles in our lives? (Inside a Chinese Walmart)

A friend sent me photographs taken inside a Walmart in China.

There were frozen crocodiles (the whole animal with an orange coloured ball stuffed into its open mouth – see below), frozen reptile parts, waxed pig faces, whole frogs, etc., all of sale.  

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I shall spare you the other disturbing photographs.

Time to reflect on the stuff we eat, wear and use, folks.  Crocodiles, pigs, cows, dogs, cats, goats, chickens, ducks and all animals fear death, too, and I don’t think we want to die before our time is up, as intended by Nature.  

The killing will not stop until the buying stops.  

We can change things. Never underestimate the power of one voice – YOURS. 
Voice plus action by example, of course.  

I hear there’s an expensive handmade crocodile-skin handbag named after the actress Jane Birkin. Sigh… 

Do we need such things in life when at the end of the day, we all die and our bodies return to the earth to fertilize the soil?  Why not just make do with enough bare necessities and use the rest of our resources to help make life better for others?  

The bare necessities of life will come to you…





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